Drugs, deadlines, and global mental health

21 May 2021


Come and work with us

We’re expanding our team and we’re excited to advertise the following vacancies:

Deadline for applications: Sunday, 23 May



Summer Research Fellowships

We’re looking for Summer Research Fellows to contribute to our research agenda. You can apply to work on particular projects, such as:

  • Estimating the cost-effectiveness, in terms of subjective well-being, of various interventions, such as iron fortification, vitamin A supplementation, air pollution, and fistula surgery.
  • A literature review on affective forecasting and what this tells us about where to look for impactful ways to make people happy.
  • Theoretical and/or empirical work on the neutral point, an important variable in some of our cost-effectiveness models.

Alternatively, you can provide a project proposal, relevant to our research agenda, with your application.

We expect fellowships to run in July and August, but there is some flexibility.

Deadline for applications: Tuesday, 1 June

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Global mental health

Following our report on pain last year, our latest problem area report investigates the global burden of mental illness.

The report sets out how big the problem is, how much spending it receives, and how those resources are allocated. It then focuses specifically on what can be done to reduce anxiety and depression in low-income countries. We expect it will be most useful for those considering putting their career or charitable donations towards improving global mental health and who want to learn more about the problem.

We’re pleased to be releasing this: it updates, extends, and deepens the 2018 cause profile written by our Director, Michael Plant, which was the most recent exploration of the same issues.

Read the report and comment on the Effective Altruism Forum


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