Open positions

We’re currently hiring a Communications Manager. The communications manager will oversee all aspects of external and internal communications and is responsible for promoting HLI’s recommendations and methodology to our target audiences. They will also lead communications during fundraising campaigns. We are open to flexible working arrangements, such as full-time or part-time positions, as well as varying levels of experience. We encourage encourage candidates of all backgrounds and identities to apply to this role.

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General career advice

If you want to have a high-impact career focussed on global wellbeing, here are some career paths we think are particularly promising.

  • Global priorities research using subjective wellbeing
    Identify the most cost-effective interventions and policies.
  • Entrepreneurship in mental health technology
    Develop digital mental health interventions like Mind Ease and UpLift.
  • Policy and advocacy
    ​Persuade funders and policymakers to use subjective wellbeing measures.

Additional resources

80,000 Hours has a wealth of resources to help you find a fulfilling and high-impact career.

This includes: