by | September 2023

Last updated the 27th of November 2023.

In our ongoing commitment to transparency and continuous improvement, we maintain this changelog to document updates to our assessments of various charitable organisations. Below, you’ll find a record of changes made to our cost-effectiveness estimates for different charities, along with the key details of each update.

This is a new website page, and we’re still thinking about what to include here and how best to present it. Feel free to send any feedback to hello@happierlivesintitute.org.


Charity Version Date published WELLBYs per $1000 donated Changes
StrongMinds 3 27 November 2023 30 New version to improve our analysis and address concerns raised (working paper).
StrongMinds 2.5 No publication; updated based on communications in February 2023 62 Updated spillover figure based on our response to criticism.
StrongMinds 2 2 April 2022 77 Added household spillover effects.
StrongMinds 1 2 October 2021 22 Initial publication focused on individual effects.
GiveDirectly 2 2 April 2022 8 Added household spillover effects.
GiveDirectly 1 2 October 2021 2 Initial publication focused on individual effects.