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Measuring Good Better


To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, the Happier Lives Institute and Effective Altruism Philippines bring you Measuring Good Better, a virtual talk and Q&A about mental health and effective altruism. The main speaker will be Dr Michael Plant, Founder and Director of the Happier Lives Institute.


Venue TBD

EAGxRotterdam will bring together ambitious individuals in order to work on solving the world’s most pressing problems. This conference is an opportunity to create new connections and learn more about EA with topics suitable for everyone. The preliminary programme entails various talks, workshops, meetings, and plenty of time for networking, as well as getting to know the […]

Disrupting Charitable Giving


The Happier Lives Institute recently completed a cost-effectiveness analysis concluding that StrongMinds’ depression treatment is 9x more cost-effective than direct cash transfers for improving the life of an individual as well as their entire household. Join Dr Michael Plant, Founder and Director of the Happier Lives Institute, for a discussion about the Happier Lives Institute […]