Our 2021 Annual Review (+ we’re hiring)

14 April 2022

Our 2021 Annual Review

The cost-effectiveness analyses of cash transfers, psychotherapy, and StrongMinds consumed most of our research capacity in 2021. However, we also published an updated research agenda and a new problem area report on mental health, to accompany our earlier report on pain

We were featured in Vox, The New Statesman, The Times, BBC Radio 4, and the Clearer Thinking podcast and we welcomed three new members to the team: Samuel Dupret (research), Joy Bitter (operations), and Barry Grimes (communications). We were also joined by a talented team of summer research fellows who explored a variety of applied and theoretical topics from our research agenda.

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We’re hiring

We’ve just opened applications for three new positions. All of the roles are full-time with flexible working hours and no geographic or visa limitations.

If you want to get a better feel for what it’s like working at HLI, we think you’ll enjoy these blog posts on life as a researcher and an operations manager by members of our team.