Happier Lives Institute

2022-23 Annual Review

Our 2022-23 Annual Review describes the research we conducted in 2022 and 2023, highlights the impact this has had, and reflects on our first two years of recommending charities. It concludes by laying out our plans for 2024 and how you can support our work.

Board member

We are recruiting Board Members who will play a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of our organisation and make a meaningful impact on a global scale. If you have experience or passion for strategy, governance, fundraising, finance, networking, or wellbeing research, we want to hear from you.

Our Blunders

HLI strives to be rigorous and transparent in our work, but we don’t always get it right – sometimes, we blunder. This page logs instances where we don’t think we’ve reached our ideals and focuses on broad issues that impact how others perceive and trust our work.

Communications Manager

We are recruiting a communications manager who will oversee all aspects of external and internal communications and is responsible for promoting HLI's recommendations and methodology to our target audiences. They will also lead communications during fundraising campaigns. We are open to flexible working arrangements, such as full-time or part-time positions, as well as varying levels of experience.

Meet our 2022 Summer Research Fellows

We’re excited to introduce you to our 2022 cohort of summer research fellows who will be joining us in July and August for a seven-week paid internship. Their projects will help to deepen our understanding of the nature and measurement of wellbeing and identify cost-effective ways for individuals and governments to increase it.

Research overview

The Happier Lives Institute conducts research into the most cost-effective, evidence-based ways to increase happiness. We then share what we’ve found with donors and decision-makers so they can take action.

Operations Manager

We are recruiting an Operations Manager who will ensure the organisation runs smoothly across a variety of domains including finance, charity compliance, charity registration, human resources, fundraising support, logistics, and the development of internal processes and policies. They will implement policies and procedures, focus on efficiency, and address organisational bottlenecks if and when they arise.

Senior Researcher

Our Summer Research Fellowship provides an opportunity for students and recent graduates to gain hands-on research experience and receive personal mentoring from our research team.


Let's work together to create a happier world. The Happier Lives Institute connects donors, researchers, and policymakers with the most cost-effective opportunities to increase global wellbeing. Using the latest subjective wellbeing data, we identify the problems that matter most to people and find evidence-based ways to solve them.

2021 Annual Review

Our 2021 Annual Review describes the research we conducted in 2021, highlights the impact this has had, and reflects on some of the lessons we have learned. It concludes by laying out our plans for 2022 and how you can support our work.

2020 Annual Review

Our 2020 Annual Review describes the research we conducted in 2020, highlights the impact this has had, and reflects on some of the lessons we have learned. It concludes by laying out our plans for 2021 and how you can support our work.

Give now

You can create a happier world by giving. Let us introduce you to our recommended charities, explain how to support further research, and highlight promising organisations.

Moral Foundations of Progress Studies

The progress studies community has had a lot of discussion about technology, economics, history, and politics. However, there is no consensus on the moral basis for valuing or pursuing “progress,” and there are key open questions about how progress is to be judged and measured, who should benefit from it, and what type of progress we should pursue. The goal of this workshop is to reach a consensus on what major moral/ethical questions are at the foundations of a study of progress, and what broad answers to these questions have been proposed.

Key Ideas

With limited resources, how should we decide between saving lives, reducing poverty, or treating mental illness? Our Key Ideas page explains how. First we set out the crucial ideas very briefly and then explore each of those ideas in greater depth.

Update on our plans

Our strategy has developed significantly since we launched in June 2019. While we continue to be interested in mental health, we are not just a charity evaluator for mental health interventions. We see ourselves as a ‘meta’ org conducting global priorities research.

HLI has hatched: strategy update

The Happier Lives Institute was formed in late 2018 by a group of committed individuals interested in the subjects of happiness, mental health and effective altruism. Our broad aim was to find the best ways to improve global happiness.